About Napizza

Napizza began its life in 2011 over a glass of wine and a ping pong game between three Italian raised friends. We love to bring locally sourced, nutritionally delicious food to the tables of our fans, friends and family. We are proud of our live culture, our local farmers, our gourmet salads, our unique Roman style 72 hour rise crispy pizza and our commitment to the planet.

It Starts With the Dough

Why is our dough unique?

At Napizza, we let nature take its course while our dough evolves for 72 hours. This long, low-temperature aging enables the yeast to work slowly with our high-protein flour that we source from a small family mill in Italy.
During these hours, the yeast transforms the complex sugars into simple sugars, making them easier to digest and metabolize. This process and our special flour allows us to use a minimal (80% less) amount of yeast.

Healthy & Local

The Freshest Ingredients

Whatever your reasons are for eating healthy: benefiting from more nutrients, enjoying better taste, preserving our ecosystem and agricultural diversity, we understand they are important to you. They are important to us too!
By providing the freshest, healthy ingredients, we make sure you continue to follow what’s important to you even when you eat out.

Napizza - Healthy & Local Pizza - We care for you, the planet and our community

Caring for Our Planet

To us, it means relying on and investing in our immediate community and geological placement. It means utilizing our resources in an efficient and renewable way that we find closest to us. It means dedicating ourselves to ensuring the health of our neighbors and loved ones by using the freshest sources.

We believe that produce and meat are more than mere vehicles for nutrients, but vital parts of the system that supports our environment and good people who live here.